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Terms of Use

  1. Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

    “Sinyi Realty Malaysia (Fidelity Property Consultant Sdn Bhd)” provides website services (hereinafter referred to as “this Service”) of Sinyi Realty Malaysia ( in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Service. When you start to use this Service, it indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the terms and conditions of this Service. Moreover, when you use the specific services of Sinyi Realty, you may be required to comply with the additional terms of services announced by Sinyi Realty or relevant regulations according to the nature of the said service. Additionally, the additional terms of services announced or the relevant regulations shall be consolidated as part of this Service. Sinyi Realty reserves the right to amend or change the terms and conditions of this Service at any time. It is recommended that each User should pay attention to such amendment or change on the go. If you continue to use this Service after any amendment or change is made to this Service, it is considered that you have read, understood and agreed to accept such amendment or change. If you do not agree with the aforesaid amendment or change to the terms and conditions of this Service, or if the country or region where you stay excludes all or part of the terms and conditions of this Service, you should immediately stop using the website service.

  2. Links to Third Party Websites

    The website or the associate suppliers may provide links to other websites or links to online resources. You may be linked to the websites operated by other businesses, which does not imply any affiliation between Sinyi Realty and such business. The owners of such websites shall be held accountable for the websites operated by such businesses and such availability shall be beyond the scope of responsibility or under the control of Sinyi. Sinyi Realty may not be held liable for the applicability, reliability, timeliness, validity, accuracy, and integrity of any external link. You will agree that Sinyi Realty is not held indemnifiable for compensation related to any damage incurred from the link to non-Sinyi Realty websites.

  3. Privacy Policy

    Your membership registration and other particular information are subject to the protection and regulations under the Sinyi Realty “Privacy Protection Statement.” You understand that the use of this Website shall constitute your agreement on Sinyi Realty’s collection and use of your personal data, according to the “Privacy Protection Statement,” including cross-border transmission and storage as well as the internal use by Sinyi Realty and its affiliated enterprises.

  4. Users’ Legal Obligations and Commitment

    You shall promise not to use this website for any illegal objective or other illegal practice. You will also promise to follow the Republic of China law and all international practices for internet use. If you are user outside of the Republic of China, you will agree and comply with the law and regulations of your country and region. You agree and guarantee not to use this Website for engagement in the infringement of other’s rights or illegal conducts, including but not limited to:

    • Violating the obligation of confidentiality by law or according to the contract.
    • Impersonating others to use this website.
    • Uploading, posting, publishing, or transmitting any slander, threatening, attacking, indecent, obscene, or illegal text, image or any form of files that violate public order or good morals on the website.
    • Infringing the reputation of other people, privacy, business secret, trademark, copyright, patent, and other rights.
    • Uploading, posting, transmitting, or distributing any computer virus or programming codes that disrupt, destroy or limit the functions of computer software and hardware.
    • Engage in illegal transaction or behavior, or posting false and inducing information to break the law.
    • Spamming with advertising mail, spam mail, chain letter, illegal multilevel marketing information.
    • Falsification of information source or interfere with the setup of transmission source through any means.
    • Interfere or disrupt the website or server, or the network connecting to the website, or failure to comply with the relevant requirement, procedures, policy or rules for connecting the website.
    • Track others, interfere with others, or collecting or storing other people’s personal information for aforementioned statement.
    • Other misconducts deemed by Sinyi Realty with proper reasons.
  5. Prohibited Conducts for Users
    • The website prohibits the engagement of any misconduct, including but not limited to the use for any detection, cracking, destroying, reproducing, restoring, compiling, decompiling, spamming email, malware or virus with the intent to obtain any undue enrichment or data.
    • The website prohibits the use of the website through non-artificial approach, including but not limited to the use of any system, plug-ins, and virus to take the following actions:
      • Automatic capture of website information through non-artificial approach.
      • Click any links on the website through non-artificial approach.
      • Access the website address repeatedly through non-artificial approach.
    • Additionally, pursuant to the provisions outlined in Article 359 and Article 360 under the Criminal Code of Republic of China, if the user engages in the following conducts:
      • Obtains, deletes or alters the magnetic record of another’s computer or relating equipment and causes injury to the public or others without reason;
      • Uses malware or virus with the intent to obtain any undue enrichment or data;
      • Interferes through the use of computer programs or other electromagnetic methods, with the computer or relating equipment of another person and causes injury to the public or another; shall be sentenced to imprisonment for no more three years or short-term imprisonment; in lieu thereof, or in addition thereto, a fine of least one hundred thousand follows or no more than two hundred thousand dollars may be imposed.
  6. Protection Provisions for Children and Young People

    Internet use by children and young people have become an inevitable trend. Although the internet may help your children acquire information faster, there are also some information improper for children’s development (i.e. pornography, violence and other content). Hence, Sinyi Realty would like to remind the parents (or custodians) to fulfill the following obligations in order to assure the safety of internet use by children and young people, thereby to avoid invasion of privacy:

    • Please choose suitable website information with precaution for viewing by children and young people. Minor under 12 years old shall be companied by parents (or custodians) at all time when using the internet. Young people aged between 12 years and 18 years old shall require agreement before using the internet.
    • Apart from screening the website, children and young people should be reminded constantly not to disclose any data of themselves or their family (including name, address, telephone, email, credit card number, and password). They shall also be reminded not to accept the invitation by online strangers to meet alone.
  7. Sources

    All images and texts of the website are subject to the protection of copyright law and belongs to Sinyi Realty. The information on the branch of Sinyi Realty is provided by Sinyi Realty. The data of broker members and individual members are provided by the member company of independent management and individual members.

    Members published on the website are broker companies of independent management, broker agents and individual members. The services and products provided by each member may vary accordingly. To know more about the services and products provided by all members, please contact the members in person or via phone for more information. The website merely serves as the media platform for information publication and users must still read all information related to the land registration carefully prior to the transaction. The acting party shall bear all liability independently for all disputes and adverse effects arising from the violation of legal regulations by any transacting party, while Sinyi Realty may not be held accountable.

  8. System Disruption or Failure

    Sometimes the website could experience disruption of failure, which could cause inconvenience in use, data loss, and error, tampering by others or other financial losses. You advised to take protective measures upon using the website. Sinyi Realty may not be held indemnifiable for the damage resulted from using (or could not use) the website, except deliberations.

  9. General Measures for Usage and Storage

    You agree that Sinyi Realty may develop the general measures and restriction for the website, including but not limited to the longest period of content of Q&A, content of submission or the other uploaded content on the website, and the limitation of times (the limit of time use per session) you can use the website during the general specific period. You shall agree that Sinyi Realty shall not be held accountable for maintaining or transmitting any information, deleting or non-storing telecommunication and content on the website. You shall also agree that Sinyi Realty reserves the right to close accounts that have not been used in a long time. You shall agree that Sinyi Realty may change some of the general measures and restriction based on its own consideration, regardless of notice or not. The online text customer service (Web-based version) of Sinyi Realty will store the content of conversation on the server of Sinyi Realty. Your agreement to the clauses of the website suggests your permission for Sinyi Realty to store the content of communication on it server.

  10. Information or Suggestions

    Sinyi Realty does not guarantee the full accuracy of the information or suggestions (including but not limited to investment, financing, and legal aspects) acquired from using the website, or other websites linked through this website. Sinyi Realty reserves the right to modify or delete the information or suggestions provided by the website. You shall need to consult with professionals and submit opinion based on your condition prior to proposing any relevant plan and decision, in order top meet your individual requirement.

    Sinyi Realty may cooperate with other company, supplier and third party (content provider) at any time, who will provide different content such as news and e-newsletter for Sinyi Realty to publish. In respecting the intellectual property right of content provider, Sinyi Realty does not make substantial review or modification on the content provided nor is Sinyi Realty held accountable for the accuracy and falsification of the said content. The users are held responsible for determining the accuracy and falsification of such content. In case you believe that some content infringes or is false, please respond to the content provider with opinions.

  11. Advertising

    All advertising content, text and image description, or other marketing information you view on the website are designed and proposed by the advertiser, and supplier of products and services. You shall take consideration and determine the accuracy and credibility of the advertising. Sinyi Realty merely accepts the consignment for publication and may not be held liable for the aforementioned advertising.

  12. Buy/Sell or Other Trading Behavior

    Suppliers or individuals may provide product buy/sale, services or other transaction through the website of the links on the website. The purchase or contract for the transaction between you and the supplier or individuals only exist between the two parties. You may request the supplier or individuals to carefully explain and describe the quality, content, matters of guarantee and warranty against defects of right for the product, service or other objects of transaction. You shall resort to the supplier or individual for relief or solution for the disputes arising from the aforementioned buy/sale, service or other transaction behaviors. Sinyi Realty states that it will never intervene the any buy/sale, service or other transactions between your and the supplier or individuals, nor be held liable for warranty for the products, services or other transaction objects you have acquired. If you engage in the aforementioned buy/sale, service or other transaction for the objects managed by Sinyi Realty, the parties shall comply with the contract content regulating the liability of Sinyi Realty for determination of the rights and obligations.

  13. Disclaimer

    You explicitly understand and agree the follows: Sinyi Realty does not provide any explicit or implicit warrantee for the website, including but not limited to the integrity of rights, applicability of specific purpose, and non-infringement of other people’s rights. The website follows the foundation of “current condition” and provision of usage,” you must take the relevant risks when using the website. Sinyi Realty does not guarantee the following matters: (i)The website meets your requirement. (ii)The website can timely provide safe, reliable or accurate information without interference. (iii)The use of the website and results obtained are accurate or reliable. (iv)Any product, service, information or other data purchased of acquired from the website meet your expectation. You shall take into consideration and bear the risks for any data downloaded from the website or acquired, and the download for waiver of aforementioned data that causes any damage or data loss on your computer system, internet access, download, or operating equipment. You shall be held solely liable for any claims against Sinyi Realty or legal action taken. The suggestions and information you have acquired from Sinyi Realty or via the website, regardless of written or oral, may not constitute the guarantee of the website.

    You clearly understand and agree that Sinyi Realty and its subsidiary, affiliated enterprises, manager, employees, agents, partners and principal, may not be held liable for any direct, indirect, accompanying, specific, deriving, and punitive damage of you, including but not limited to the damage of the profits, business reputation, usage, and data or other intangible loss (namely the same possibility of damage notified by Sinyi Realty) incurred from the following matters: (i)The use and non-use of this website; (ii) Purchase cost for alternative product and service; (iii)The access or modification of your transmission or data by other people without authorization; (iv)The statement or behavior by any third party on the website; or (v) Other matters related to the website. Some area of jurisdiction does not permit the exclusion of specific liability of guarantee or the accompanying or limitation or wavier of derived damage. Under the circumstances, the restriction of aforementioned clause may not apply to you.

    The website merely serves as the platform for publishing data as the third-party media platform. In view of internet nature, the website could not identify and determine the source of objects and the authenticity of the data published. The transacting parties are required to identify prior to transaction. The acting party shall bear all liability independently for all disputes and adverse effects arising from the violation of legal regulations by any transacting party, while Sinyi Realty may not be held accountable. The website merely charges fees for users using this website publication platform, purchasing advertisement, and the fees for platform processing transaction cash and conversion, which does not include the transaction guarantee deposits. The matters not mentioned in the terms of service shall apply regulations governing Personal Data Protection Act, Electronic Signatures Act and Consumer Protection Act. Member may not claim waiver for the clauses of such laws and regulations.

  14. Financial Related Services

    Nor Sinyi Realty or the information provider shall be held accountable for the accuracy and applicability of any information transmitted via this website. Sinyi Realty may not be held liable for any transaction or investment decision based on the aforementioned data either.

  15. Intellection Property Protection

    Sinyi realty or the respective owner shall own the intellectual property over the software or program used by Sinyi realty, including but not limited to publications, image, file, information, data, and website framework, layout of website screen, website design, and member content. Such intellection property rights include but are not limited to trademark, patent, copyright, business secret, and know-how. No person shall use, modify, publicly broadcast, publicly transmit, publicly perform, change, disseminate, issue, publish, undergo restoration engineering, decode or decompile such intellectual property without authorization. In case you intend to cite or forward the aforementioned software, program or website content, unless otherwise explicitly permitted by law, you will need to acquire the agreement in writing from Sinyi Realty or the respective owner in advance. Respecting intellectual property is your due obligation and you may be held accountable for indemnification for Sinyi Realty in case of breaching the obligation. Sinyi realty and its affiliated enterprises shall market the website for the products, service names, and images related to the website (hereinafter referred to as “Sinyi Realty Trademark”) according to the status of registration or usage. Subject to the protection of Trademark Law and Fair-Trade Act, you shall agree not to use Sinyi Realty trademark in any means without the prior agreement in writing obtained from Sinyi Realty.

  16. Actions Against Copyright Infringements

    Sinyi Realty respects the copyright of other people and we also request our users to respect the copyright of other people. You understand and agree that we will protect the copyright and handle matters of copyright infringement according to “Sinyi Realty Copyright Protection Policy.” If you deem any website content of Sinyi Realty website or other online users infringing your copyright from their use of Sinyi Realty services, please read the “Sinyi Realty Copyright Protection Policy” carefully and complete the “Notice of Copyright Infringement,” in addition to provide relevant documents and statement with signature or seal according to the instruction indicated on the notice, to submit to Sinyi Realty via fax or postal delivery.

    If you involve in infringement incidents three times from using the website, Sinyi Realty will terminate all or part of your services. Depending on the severity of the infringement incident you involve, Sinyi Realty may suspend or terminate all or part of your services.

  17. Your Authorization to Sinyi Realty

    If you use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, change, disseminate, issue, and publish certain data without the legitimate authorization from other people in addition to authorize the aforementioned rights to third party, do not upload, transmit, input, or provide such data to Sinyi Realty without authorization. The upload, transmission, input, or supply of any data by you to Sinyi Realty, it suggests that you agree with the following: (1)Sinyi Realty shall be entitled to the ownership of copyright; (2)Sinyi Realty and its affiliated enterprises shall store or manage the said data, which can be queried and captured from the search engine of Sinyi realty and its affiliated enterprises, in addition to publish and use such data on the relevant system network, including but not limited to the website of the third party forming alliance or cooperation with Sinyi Realty; (3)Authorize Sinyi Realty and its affiliated enterprises based on charity or publicity, promotion or the purpose of managing Sinyi realty and the website to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, change, disseminate, issue, publish, publicly transmit, publicly plan, and translate such data, in addition to authorize the aforementioned right to other people within the scope. You will also guarantee the use, modification, reproduction, public broadcasting, change, dissemination, issuance, publication, public transmission, public plying, translation, and re-authorization of such data by Sinyi Realty and its affiliated enterprises. Such acts shall not infringe the intellectual property right of any third party or else the user may be held liable for indemnification for Sinyi Realty and its affiliated enterprises.

    The personal data you completed on the website are included in the scope of activity related to the realty broker agency, marketing, customer management, statistics and analysis, and other business of Sinyi Realty. Such personal data are processed and used during the operating period of Sinyi and the region of business, in order to maintain transaction security and provide relevant services, in addition to distributing relevant information later. You reserve the right to request for query, viewing, replication, modification, and deletion of personal data and other rights from Sinyi Realty. If you choose not to provide relevant data, it could affect the service quality provided by SInyi Realty to you. Thank you for your understanding.

    When you provide personal data on the website, it indicates that you agree for Sinyi Realty to collect personal related data and use. You also agree to Sinyi Realty, its affiliated enterprises or third party commissioned by Sinyi Realty, in addition to the right to retain by Sinyi Realty during business period.

  18. Notice

    If by law or other regulation that a notice is required, Sinyi Realty may notify you through the following methods, including but not limited to email, general post, multimedia text message, texted message, and posting on the website pages, or other reasonable means now of in the future, including the change of the terms of this service. However, if you breach the terms of the service and access the website without authorization, you will not receive the aforementioned notice. When you access the website thoroughly authorization and agree to the terms of service, you shall agree with any and all notices issued by Sinyi Realty as service of delivery.

  19. Feedback for Sinyi Realty

    If you provide any ideas, suggestions, documents, or proposals (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Feedback” through suggestions or responses of Sinyi Realty via the website, you acknowledge and agree to the follows:

    • Sinyi Realty may not be held liable for any explicit or implicit confidentiality for the aforementioned feedback;
    • Your feedback is not specific confidentiality or exclusive information;
    • Sinyi Realty reserves the right to use or disclose (or choose not to use or disclose) the aforementioned feedback for any purpose, via any means and on any media worldwide;
    • Sinyi realty may already own ideas or proposals similar to the aforementioned feedback that is under consideration or development;
    • Your feedback may voluntarily become the property of Sinyi Realty as Sinyi Ralty is not held liable for you;
    • You may not be entitled to claim any forms of compensation of indemnification from owner of Sinyi Realty, under any circumstances.
  20. Compensation

    In case your supply, posting or transmission of “membership content” via the website, your use of the website, connection with the website, breach of terms of service, or infringement of other people’s rights, leading to or causing appeals or claims by any third party, or you shall agree to waive Sinyi Realty and its subsidiaries, affiliated enterprises, managers, agents, employees, partners, and authorizer from any damage.

  21. Non-Business Use

    You shall agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, trade, re-sell, or use with any commercial purpose of the use or access for this website, in part or the entire website (including content and advertising).

  22. Change of Service

    Membership content may retain at any time to modify without notice, or temporarily or permanently suspend the continuation of providing the rights of the website (or part of). You shall agree to the modification, suspension or stop of providing liability for the website by the membership content to you or any third party.

  23. Termination

    You agree that member content may include but is not limited to the non-use during certain period, decrees issued by court or government agencies, and failure by the website to continue or substantial change in service content, unforeseeable technology or security factors and problems, the fraudulence or illegal conducts engaged by you, non-payment of fees by contract, or other membership content that regard your breach of the explicit clauses and philosophy of the terms of service, by terminating or limiting your use of the account (or any part) or the website. Moreover, any “membership content” will be removed and deleted from the website. You shall also agree that the member content may terminate or limit your use of the website or any part based on its consideration, and under notice or without notice. You acknowledge and agree to the aforementioned termination or restriction, while membership content may be closed immediately, deleted or limited for access of your account number and all or part of the relevant data and files from your account. You will also need to stop the use of the website, in whole or in part. Moreover, you will agree that the membership content will not hold liable for you or any third party, in case the of this website has been terminated or restricted.

  24. General Provisions

    The terms of service constitute the content of membership based on the integrated contract of using this website by you, which replaces any agreement made between you and the content of membership regarding this website. However, your use of Sinyi Realty housing information exchange services, online marketing and cooperation agreement you previously made with Sinyi realty or affiliated enterprises shall still prevail, which terms of service may not be replaced. You may be subject to the application of additional clauses or conditions when you use or purchase specific Sinyi Realty services, services of affiliated enterprises, and third-party content. The interpretation and applicability of the terms of services and the disputes arising from the service clauses, except for those required by law, shall be processed according to the Republic of China Law and shall resort to Taiwan Taipei District Court as the court of first instance.

    The non-exercise or non-execution of any right or regulations specified under the terms of service by Sinyi Realty do not constitute the waiver of aforementioned right or regulation. In case any provision of the terms of service is ruled by the court of jurisdiction as invalid, the acting party shall still agree that the court shall strive to validate the genuine meaning expressed by the acting party against the aforementioned regulation while the other regulations of the terms of service remain fully valid. The title of the terms of services are for reference only and does not constitute any legal or contracting effect. Please contact with the online customer service immediately for any breaching conduct of the terms of service.