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Privacy Policy

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Sinyi Realty and related group website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) and mobile application (hereinafter referred to as the APP). To make you feel ease while utilizing the services and information, here are the privacy protection policies for your rights and benefits. Please read the following contents closely:

I. The competent range and content of privacy protection policies include how the Website and the APP process your personal identification information collected when you use the services provided by the Website. The Policy neither applies to the links beyond the Website and APP, nor the staff not authorized by the Website and the APP.

II. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information

  1. Personal information shall be provided according to the nature of service required when you visit and use the service provided by the Website and APP. Your personal information is processed and utilized within the purpose of service, unless written consent is made, which include but not limited to the name, address, phone number, credit card information, email and password of member account.
  2. To enrich our online website service when you browse, The website and APP automatically save your IP, geographic location, country, related specific search preference, browser type, OS, app version, language set up, and mobile device information which are for internal use and published after appropriate de-identification for event coordination or academic research.
  3. To provide precise services, the Website and APP will conduct questionnaire by system from time to time to collect related contents for statistics and analysis. Resulted statistic or word description, in addition to application for internal research, The Website and APP will publish statistical data and word description when necessary, but specific personal information will be excluded.
  4. You reserve the rights of requesting inquiry, review, duplication, revision, and deletion of your personal information from the Website or APP. Please call (0800)211-922 to delete your personal information. However, you might not be able to use the services provided by the Website and APP after deleting your personal information.

III. In terms of information protection, the Website and APP are equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems, IT security and other essential security measures. All related IT processing staff signed non-disclosure agreement and there is no access to your personal information without authorization. Employees who violate non-disclosure agreement, will be prosecuted by law. When in need of using services provided by other organizations due to business operation, the company, the website and APP related affiliated entities will strictly demand to comply with the obligation of non-disclosure and take necessary measures to ensure non-disclosure agreement.

IV. Policies of Sharing Personal Information with a Third Party

  1. When you provide your personal information on the Website and APP, you agree that the Website and APP, or the third party assigned by the Website and APP reserve the rights to collect, process, use, and keep your personal information as long as the Website remains in operation.
  2. Under no circumstance will the Website and APP provide, exchange, rent, or sell any personal information to other individual, group, private business, or public organization, except bound by law or agreement which included but not limited to the following:
    • Written consent signed by you.
    • Regulated by law.
    • To keep you from harms of life, body, freedom or property.
    • In coordination with public organizations or academic research organizations for public benefits and the needs of statistics or academic studies. The information is processed by the provider or collector under a way that no specific individual can be identified.
    • When your online behavior violates service terms or involved in possible damage or impeded the rights of the Website and other users, it is necessary to identify, contact or take necessary lawful actions by disclosing your personal information by the Website management team.
    • To benefit your rights.
    • The Website and APP are responsible for supervising assigned organizations or individuals to collect, process, or use your personal information.

V. The Cooke is used to better the convenience of users. The Website and APP may use Cookie technology to provide services that cater to your needs. Cookie is a technology that communicates between the web server and user browser. Cookie may save some information in the user’s computer and also properly record your browsing activities before and after your Registration on the Website and APP. You may freely set up, cancel, or limit this function through your browser.

VI. To copy with environmental change and progress in technology, the right to revise the Privacy Protection Policy is reserved and announced the change on website home page and App. Please contact the Customer Service Center in case the alteration of the Policy is not accepted; otherwise, , you will be deemed to have accepted the revised contents.

VII. In order for Sinyi Realty and its Groups to provide services smoothly, we will share information to related Groups. The related Groups include, but not limited to Sinyi Real Estate Appraisers Firm, Sinyi International Limited (Samoa), Sinyi Corp. Japan, Sinyi Housing Management Japan, Tokyo Sinyi Real Estate Limited, Forever Success International LTD. (Mauritius), Shanghai Shangtuo Investment Management LTD., Shanghai Xuyuan LTD., Huayun Interior Design (Shanghai) LTD., Sinyi Development LTD. (Samoa), Sinyi Real Estate Service (Hong Kong), Sinyi Real Estate Service (Shanghai), Kunshan Dingxiang Trading, Sinyi Estate LTD. (Samoa), Sinyi Land Service (Hong Kong), Jouxin Real Estate Service (Wuxi), Sinyi Global Estate Management LTD., Hengyi Intelligent Technology LTD., An-Sin LTD., Juying Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD., Xingyi Publishing, Sinyi Limited (BVI), Coldwell (Hong Kong) LTD., Coldwell (Shanghai) LTD., inane international Limited (BVI)., Shanghai Sinyi Consulting LTD., Zhejiang Sinyi Consulting LTD., Suzho Sinyi Real Estate Service LTD., Jiaxingzhizheng Real Estate Service LTD., Max Success International Limited (BVI), Bejing Coldwell Banker Real Estate LTD., Shanghai Zhixin Real Estate Consulting LTD. (was Shanghai Sinyi Real Estate Consulting LTD.), Chengdu Coldwell Banker Real Estate LTD., Yowoo Technology Inc., Sinyi Development LTD., Dajia Construction LTD., Sinyi Real Estate Service LTD., Sin Chiun Holding SDN. BHD, Fidelity Property Consultant Holding SDN. BHD, Pegusus Holding SDN. BHD, etc.

◎ Contact us: If you have any questions regarding the privacy policies or personal information related to the Website and APP, please email us at or call us (0800)211-922 during office hours.